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Treatment Options


30 minute Massage Therapy treatment - $70.00+tax

45minute Massage Therapy treatment - $80.00+tax 

60 minute Massage Therapy treatment - $100.00+tax  

75 minute Massage Therapy treatment - $120.00+tax

90 minute Massage Therapy treatment - $150.00+tax

​60 minute Prenatal Massage Therapy treatment- $100.00+tax   

75 minute Prenatal Massage Therapy treatment- $120.00+tax

90 minute Prenatal Massage Therapy treatment- $150.00+tax  


What types of treatments do you offer?

One thing you will learn about me if we start working together is I do not like to "label" my treatments. I tend to use a lot of techniques from many different "specific" treatment styles to customize each treatment depending on my clients needs. Ie it could be a combination of deep tissue, relaxation and sport massage techniques. I will treat any client with any issues that are indicated for Massage Therapy, but areas of keen interest include: Prenatal, TMJ, Headache/migraine, pelvic health, and physical symptoms from mental health issues and illness.

What can I expect when I arrive?

After a full assessment, including health history intake an analysis of posture and potential muscle imbalances, I formulate a treatment for the specific needs of each individual. Using a combination of fascial and muscle release, deep tissue, Swedish techniques, joint play, trigger point therapy and facilitated stretching, I create a personalized treatment for each client to help alleviate specific symptoms, find the source of dysfunction and aim to educate clients on how to avoid injury in the future. 

What is your treatment style?

I have often described my treatment style as clinical yet zen. I tend to be a bit more of a treatment based clinical therapist as opposed to solely relaxation based. That being said I do feel relaxation is an important part of treatment especially when accessing deeper tissues. I tend to treat with a heavier hand, or deeper pressure but that being said I always work within your tolerance. And that is truly different for every individual. I will never work at a pressure or use any technique you are not comfortable with. Consent and communication are a big part of my treatments so you can feel safe and secure.

What sets you apart from other RMTs?

There are so many amazing Registered Massage Therapists in the industry and yet not one of us treats the same! It is such a personal treatment and preferred style and what matters the most is that you find a therapist that works best for you. What I can guarantee is that I really listen to you and your issues/needs and try my best to help them in a safe and effective manner. I will explain what I think is going on in terms you can understand, check in with you throughout your treatment, reassess and give you some homework to help your treatment last longer. If something is not working I will research and try a different approach till we find what works. And lastly I know my strengths and when it's time to refer out to another healthcare professional.

What are your training and credentials?

  • I graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy - Toronto Campus in September 2016 with a Magna Cum Laude distinction.

  • I am in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador (CMTNL)

  • I am a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Massage Therapist's Association (NLMTA)

  • I have taken additional continuing education training in:

Trimesters: Perinatal Professional Development Course, Toronto, ON - This course included a work placement at Sunnybrook Hospital working in the Perinatal, Neonatal, Labour and High Risk Units developing skills working with patients in various stages of pregnancy.

Cupping Revolution, Toronto, ON

Kinesiology Taping Course, Toronto, ON

Pelvic Health for Manual Therapists, Toronto, ON

Standard First Aid CPR/AED (Level C Life Saving Level), Toronto, ON

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